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Key emergency call in 10 - 40 minutes on site with free travel for €0
Fixed price from €55*. We will inform you about all costs that arise in connection with your door opening.
Only after your approval do we start opening the door.


Schlüsselnotdienst: You accidentally excluded yourself and need professional help as soon as possible? Our Schlüsseldienst is available around the clock for you all over North Rhine-Westphalia so that you do not leave the door closed.


Schlüsseldienst for car openings in NRW. Not only does a front door become a problem without a key. Without a key, your own vehicle becomes a serious and hopeless situation in many cases.


Key or combination no longer work on your safe? A safe is a specially secured container for valuables. We open every security classification professionally and reliably in order to help you out of the unpleasant situation as quickly as possible.


Would you like to change a locking cylinder as soon as possible? Your door lock is stuck and can no longer be opened? Our specialists are happy to help you throughout North Rhine-Westphalia with competent on-site service.


Have you lost your key or need a replacement key?Schlüsseldienst Mangjolli takes over this work and produces the right key for many applications. Stock up on time with a spare key. We are working for you all over North Rhine-Westphalia.

Door unlockings
Door unlockings
Door unlockings
Door unlockings
Door unlockings
Schlüsseldienst Mangjolli | Door openings from 55 €
Schlüsseldienst Mangjolli | Door openings from 55 €

We will not leave you standing in front of a locked door

Your professional for locksmith’s service and door unlockings

We at Mangjolli Locksmith Service are your trustworthy and experienced partner in all matters concerning keys, locks, locking cylinders, locking systems, door unlockings, security technology and burglary protection. Our locksmith service is represented in large parts of the Rhineland and Lower Rhine, the Ruhr area and Bergisches Land and is characterised by fair and favourable flat rates without hidden costs. We are a team of highly qualified and experienced mechanics and fitters and can open a wide range of doors for you: House and flat doors, garage doors and garden sheds, letterbox locks, cars, safes, cupboard doors and room doors. We are happy to assist you in special situations and with emergency unlockings, e.g., if you have accidentally locked your car key in the car and can no longer get in, if the garage door can no longer be opened or the numerical code of the safe has been forgotten.

Mangjolli Locksmith Service is also your partner in questions of burglary protection and security technology. We are there for you when it comes to making doors and windows even more secure, repairing burglary damage, retrofitting locks, cylinders and locking systems and making replacement keys.

Our team supports you with the following services:

Benefit from our know-how, our many years of experience and our wide range of services as a locksmith and security technology company! Our consumer-friendly and fair prices are based on the recommendations of the IG Metall trade union, with us you only pay a flat rate for the journey and a door unlocking flat rate (incl. 15 minutes working time).

Schlüsseldienst Mangjolli | Door openings from 55 €

Burglary protection:

If you would like to have damaged door locks or the entire locking system replaced after an attempted burglary, we are at your side. We will gladly replace your old lock with modern burglar-resistant systems and products. Good security technology can offer better protection! Let us advise you competently!

Schlüsseldienst Mangjolli | Door openings from 55 €

Safe unlockings:

We can open any safe or vault - whether the key is missing, the numerical code is unknown, there is a defect, or the batteries of the locking mechanism are flat.

Schlüsseldienst Mangjolli | Door openings from 55 €
Advice on burglary protection:

Take precautions: We will advise you in detail on the subject of burglary protection at your premises and uncover weak points during a tour of your house or flat. We will then be happy to make your private or commercial property burglar-proof with modern locking cylinders, window locks and other security technology.

Door unlockings:

Can't get into your home? No problem: We can usually be at your place within 30 minutes and let you back into the house after an emergency unlocking. In most cases we can open house and flat doors, locks of garage doors and garden sheds, showcases or cupboards and also letterbox locks without destroying them.

Car unlockings:

Even if your vehicle is an older model and is still operated with a mechanical key: We are happy to assist you if you have problems unlocking your car. Of course, we can also carry out emergency unlockings for electronic car keys.

Replacement of locks, cylinders and locking systems:

Even if individual locks, locking cylinders or complete locking systems need to be replaced, we will be happy to support you with our expertise and experience. Let us advise you and make an appointment!

Provision of replacement keys:

Would you like to have a key made for your flat, letterbox or garage? We will gladly take care of the production of replacement keys, provided we have the original. We will be happy to advise you on this!

Locksmith service and door unlockings around the house and car - also emergency unlockings

Locksmiths have not had a good reputation in Germany for some years now; many are regarded as rip-off companies that charge exorbitant prices. Not only the customers suffer from this, but also the services that work with serious and fair methods like Mangjolli Locksmith Service. Competition is fierce and it is not easy for consumers to recognise a black sheep in a locksmith service that charges exorbitant prices for travel and labour. Especially not if you are in an emergency situation and your front door is locked.

Serious companies have long been demanding that fixed prices for services rendered be bindingly regulated. We also agree with this. As a reliable and professional locksmith company, we are a registered member of the Chamber of Crafts. We can be with you within 30 minutes in Düsseldorf, Ratingen, Mettmann and Neuss, Duisburg, Oberhausen, Bochum, and Essen as well as in Meerbusch and Krefeld. We will help you out of your emergency situation - 24 hours a day, including Sundays and public holidays, 365 days a year.

Schlüsseldienst Mangjolli | Door openings from 55 €