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Key emergency call in 10 - 40 minutes on site with free travel for €0
Fixed price from €55*. We will inform you about all costs that arise in connection with your door opening.
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Mangjolli Locksmith Service unlocks all doors for you

Professional door unlockings and reliable locksmith service

Mangjolli Locksmith Service is your competent and reliable partner when it comes to security technology and burglary protection. Our locksmith service in the region of Düsseldorf, Duisburg, Essen, Bochum and Meerbusch scores with fair and favourable flat rates without hidden costs. Thanks to our good training and many years of experience, we can offer damage-free door unlockings in the case of locked house and flat doors, so-called emergency unlockings. We also support you in other emergency situations, e.g., if you have misplaced your car key or accidentally locked it in the boot and can no longer get into the car, if you can no longer open the garage door, cupboard doors or letterbox locks, or for safe unlockings, e.g., in the event of a safe defect or after a sudden death.

We are just as reliable for you in all matters of burglary protection, the repair of burglary damage, security technology relating to locks, cylinders and locking systems as we are for the production and provision of replacement keys and the replacement of locking systems.

Locksmith service and security technology around the house - also emergency service

The owner of Mangjolli Locksmith Service is Diar Mangjolli, a trained construction mechanic in precision engineering. The specialist for doors, locks, security technology and burglary protection founded his company in Mülheim an der Ruhr in 2016, and runs it together with one employee. As a reputable locksmith, we are a registered member of the Chamber of Crafts and work for customers in large parts of the Rhineland (Düsseldorf, Mettmann, Ratingen, Krefeld, Neuss and Meerbusch) and in the Ruhr cities of Duisburg, Oberhausen, Bochum, and Essen.

Your door has fallen shut and you have locked yourself out of your home? The key is stuck from the inside? You cannot get the car door open because the key is in the boot? You would like to make your house burglar-proof or you no longer feel safe within your own residence after a break-in which caused a defective lock? You have inherited a house including a safe, but the key combination for the safe was taken to the grave by the testator? No problem, we can open any lock! These and similar cases are typical areas of emergency unlockings for Mangjolli Locksmith Service!

Benefit from our know-how, our experience, our service

We will not leave you in the cold when it comes to planned operations such as the replacement of your locks or lock cylinders or advice on burglary protection, just as we will not leave you in the cold when it comes to emergency unlockings: As a reputable security technology company, we can be with you within 30 minutes in the Düsseldorf area and in large parts of the Bergisches Land and the Ruhr region and help you out of your emergency situation.

  • 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Benefit from our know-how, our many years of experience and our wide range of services as a locksmith and security technology company! Our consumer-friendly and fair prices are based on the recommendations of the IG Metall trade union. With us, you only pay a flat rate for travel and door unlocking (incl. 15 minutes working time).
Mangjolli Locksmith Service- the most important questions and answers

The door is shutting, and I do not have a key. The key is stuck from the inside. What can I do?

  • Keep calm and think for a moment: Have you perhaps left a key with a neighbour or relative? If not, feel free to call us on 0163 889 8292. Unlocking doors that have fallen shut? No problem for us!

Mangjolli Locksmith Service will come and unlock my front door or car door. What costs should I expect and how can I pay?

  • We are a reputable company and charge fair prices. Our locksmith service is guided by the recommendations of the IG Metall and charges you a flat rate for the journey and door unlocking, which includes a time of 15 minutes for unlocking the lock. Should the emergency unlocking exceptionally take longer, we charge our service according to the time required. If door locks, cylinders, locking systems or multi-point locks are defective, you will receive a replacement in the form of a temporary lock at short notice so that you can secure your home immediately. Private individuals please pay in cash, by EC card or by online bank transfer - for companies we are also happy to issue an invoice.
Mangjolli Locksmith Service: We are professionals for emergency unlockings - fast and reliable

We from the team of Mangjolli Locksmith Service are there for you for planned operations - for example, for the replacement of lock cylinders and locks or for burglary protection - as well as in emergencies. Give us a call! Our emergency service will be on site within 30 minutes and can carry out emergency unlockings. We will not leave you standing outside!