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Mangjolli Locksmith Service: Security technology and protection against uninvited guests

Is your burglary protection adequate? The free security check by Mangjolli Locksmith Service provides clarity! Doors and windows should be secured in such a way that they can withstand a burglary attempt. This applies in particular to windows on the ground floor or cellar doors that are accessible from the outside. Also, an outdated flat entrance door is no obstacle for a criminal.
Sometimes a firm kick in the right place is enough to make the door pop open. But: The longer doors and windows resist the burglary attempt, the better. If the intruder encounters resistance, he will give up, as the danger of being discovered increases by the minute.

Even with little effort, you can make your home much safer. Doors or windows can be secured with mechanical bolts, as recommended by the police. Good mechanical security technology can prevent burglaries. A security gap that you can close.

Prevent burglaries - upgrade your security technology

Police and insurance statistics prove year after year: inadequately secured windows, balcony, cellar, and patio doors are still the biggest weak point in burglary protection. Poorly secured, they can be opened by a professional in no time at all. All it takes is a screwdriver or wooden wedge. This is why burglaries happen not only in the dark, but often during the day as well.

The good news from Mangjolli Locksmith Service: With a little effort, your windows and French doors can be retrofitted so that they offer considerable resistance to a break-in attempt. By the way: Not only ground floor windows are at risk. It is often easy for burglars to reach windows and balconies on the upper floor via dustbins, the garage roof, or the trellis. Reliable burglary protection is then also necessary there - modern mechanical security technology from Mangjolli Locksmith Service can therefore be the solution.

Mechanical security technology from Mangjolli protects against burglary

More protection for windows and French doors: Burglars usually try to gain access to the flat by forcing open the window or balcony door.
Therefore, the minimum requirement for burglary protection should be met: Fittings with mushroom head pins. If you still have the older roller pins installed, we recommend replacing the fittings. This does not change anything in terms of appearance and functionality, but it does change your security standard. When the window is closed, the mushroom heads engage the security strike plate. This prevents the window from being forced open. Retrofitting your windows and French doors with mushroom head locking is quick and clean. If you want to be sure, simply send us a photo of your current fittings. We will be happy to advise you!

Mangjolli Locksmith Service’s security technology also covers the following areas:
  • Additional window lock: The lock creates an additional connection between the frame and the sash on the locking side and can be locked. It is attached to the inside of the frame. Depending on the material of the window (wood, aluminium, plastic) we offer different additional locks.
  • Hinge side security: With an additional security device, suitable for inward unlocking windows and French windows made of wood, aluminium, or plastic, you create more burglary protection. The hinge side protection offers great resistance. The tilt function of the window is of course retained after the upgrade.
  • Bar lock: High windows or French doors require additional burglary protection. A bar lock with triple locking is perfect. It is operated via the window handle. When closing, the steel bolts lock in place and resist attempts to lever them open. The deadbolts are available in different lengths.
  • Mechanical protection for entrance doors: Doors should also be secured against burglary. The police recommend the RC2 security standard for entrance doors. Security strike plates with wall anchors, stable mortise locks, multipoint locks, security fittings with pull protection as well as door cylinders with security cards have proven their worth. When it comes to mortise locks, the decision should be made in favour of a profile cylinder lock (PZ), at least in accordance with DIN standard 18251. Mangjolli Locksmith Service offers you mortise locks for entrance doors that precisely meet your security requirements and installs them professionally.
  • Additional lock: Such a lock is mounted on the frame and door leaf and can be locked and unlocked from the inside with the help of a turning knob and from the outside with a key. An additional locking bar is also practical. It enables the door to be opened securely across a gap. The bar prevents the door from being forced open from the outside to get into the house or flat.
High-quality security technology by Mangjolli Locksmith Service

If you would like more detailed information about our locking systems, locking cylinders, key systems, or the advantages of our security technology, please contact us by phone or online - we will be happy to advise you and customise your order!

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