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Professional locksmith services in Dachau

We open doors for you.

Security technology, burglary protection and emergency door opening service near Munich.

The Mangjolli Locksmith Service is your reliable partner in Dachau near Munich if you need to open a door to your flat, house or garage quickly. We also open cars and safes. Our highly trained locksmiths can also help you with security technology, burglary protection and alarm systems to protect your property. Our locksmith service in Dachau near Munich offers fair and transparent prices with no hidden costs. Our qualified fitters are well trained and have many years of experience. We are able to provide damage-free door openings for locked house and apartment doors, known as emergency openings. Our Emergency Door Service is available 24/7 in and around Dachau if you have an emergency and cannot get into your house or car.

Schlüsseldienst Dachau

We are experts in doors, gates, locks and locking cylinders.

Diar Mangjolli is the head of our locksmith service. He is a qualified building mechanic specialising in precision engineering. As a specialist in doors and locks, as well as security technology and burglary protection, he founded our locksmith company in the Ruhr area in 2016. Since then, the locksmith service has successfully grown and expanded. Today, Mangjolli Locksmith serves customers in large parts of the Rhineland and Ruhr regions and, more recently, in the greater Munich area - especially in Dachau.

Opening doors without damage: Again and again we help you in emergency situations, for example if you have lost your car key or it has broken off in the lock and you can no longer get into your vehicle. We can also help you with our emergency locksmith service if you can no longer open your front door, wardrobe door or letterbox, or if you have forgotten the combination to your safe. Our locksmith service also covers burglary prevention and repair of burglary damage. The Mangjolli locksmith service not only advises and installs lock cylinders and new locks, but also modern security technology. We also have a branch in Dachau, near Munich, where you can order replacement keys and have your locking system changed.

Our services in detail: Locksmith service, emergency locksmith service and burglary protection

We are your qualified partner for security technology in Dachau in the greater Munich area:

  • Door slammed shut? We carry out emergency openings and replacements of doors, gates and locking cylinders in Dachau.
  • Lost or broken keys? We can lock and unlock your car Dachau.
  • Forgotten your numerical code? We open your safe in Dachau.
  • Lock damaged? We change and replace lock cylinders in Dachau.
  • Do you want burglary protection? We take care of security technology for your home in Dachau.
  • Do you need a spare key? We can quickly produce additional keys.
  • At night and at weekends: We come to you day and night, on weekdays and Sundays and are quickly on site around the clock.
Mangjolli Locksmith in Dachau: How we calculate our prices in the Munich area

There are several factors that determine how much you will pay for a locksmith service. It depends on whether the door has simply fallen shut or whether it is properly locked. The amount of work involved will be different and this will of course be reflected in the price. To minimise the damage, our locksmiths only use high quality specialist equipment. This results in less damage to the door and lock. Of course, we do everything we can to avoid damaging your lock and cylinder when opening the door.

Our staff in Dachau, in the Munich area, are independent businesspeople from Bavaria and set their own rates. To open an apartment or house door in Dachau during the day you can expect to pay from €55* plus travel expenses - at night, weekends and on public holidays we can charge moderate surcharges. 

Take advantage of our expertise, we are reputable and have many years of experience as a locksmith and security company in the Munich area! We do not charge a ridiculous price: our prices are consumer-friendly and fair and are based on the recommendations of the IG Metal trade union.

Mangjolli Locksmith in Dachau near Munich: Questions and answers
The door is locked and you do not have a key. What should you do?
  • Do not panic and think about it first: Does a neighbour have a key? Is there a hiding place with a spare key? If this is not the case, then call our locksmith service. We will open your door in no time at all.
The car key has broken off in the door lock or the bunch of keys is locked in the boot. What can you do?
  • If your car is parked in Dachau, call our locksmith service. Our emergency locksmith service will quickly arrive at the vehicle's location quickly and open the door for you. We charge a flat rate for the journey and door opening; it usually takes 15 minutes to open the car door. If, in exceptional circumstances, it takes longer to open the door, we charge for our emergency opening service based on the time taken.
Do I have to pay the locksmith in cash?
  • Private individuals usually pay for the locksmith service in cash, by EC card or by online bank transfer - our locksmith service issues an invoice for businesses.
I no longer feel safe in my home and would like better protection against burglary. Can you help me secure my home?
  • Mangjolli Locksmith in Dachau is also the right partner for the Munich area when it comes to burglary protection, locking technology, alarms, and security technology. We can advise you on security technology, mechanical locks, locking technology, alarm systems and more. Simply contact our head office and arrange an appointment for an on-site visit. We will explain how you can protect your property and install the desired security technology in your home.
Mangjolli Locksmith: Your emergency key service in Dachau near Munich

We at Mangjolli Locksmiths in Munich are your first port of call for planned work - such as changing lock cylinders and locks, or burglary protection - as well as for emergencies. Just give us a call! Our emergency service will be with you in Dachau within 30 minutes to carry out an emergency opening. We will not leave you out in the cold!

Our locations near Dachau:

In addition to Dachau, we also have offices in Munich, Erding, Freising, Fürstenfeldbruck and Unterschleissheim.