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Unlocking without destruction: quickly on site in an emergency

Do you know this situation? You have got the laundry basket tucked under your arm and want to quickly grab your set of keys, but the front door slams shut behind you. Or you have just put the key into the front door lock and want to turn it, when suddenly it breaks off? Typical cases for Mangjolli Locksmith Service. We are at your disposal for door unlockings around the clock with our competence in the field of keys, locks, locking cylinders and locking systems. We also take care of burglary protection, production of replacement keys, renewal, and replacement of locks, locking cylinders and locking systems or safe unlocking.

Especially important: If possible, our emergency key service will open your doors without damage and in the quickest and cheapest way. Do not be lured by supposedly cheaper locksmiths or cheap offers from dubious locksmith companies: Often, a low price is quoted first, then the lock is destroyed, and an expensive replacement lock is installed. We from Mangjolli Locksmith Service can assure you that you are in good hands with us. Our fitters and precision mechanics are trained and experienced professionals who would never wilfully damage your door or destroy the door lock during an operation.

We support you with the following door unlocking services:

  • Unlocking of house and flat doors: Almost everyone gets into this situation once: The door slams shut, and you do not have a key with you. What can you do? Our reputable emergency locksmith company will come to you within 30 minutes, day, and night. With our free emergency number 0163 889 8292 you can reach us 24 hours a day, even on Sundays and public holidays. The emergency key service is charged at fixed, fair prices and is guaranteed to be carried out professionally. You pay in cash, by EC card or by online bank transfer.
  • Unlocking room doors: A child has locked him/herself in the bathroom and can no longer get the door open? We are also happy to offer our fast and uncomplicated help in these cases.
  • Unlocking garage locks: The garage can no longer be locked because the locking mechanism is defective, and the key simply will not turn? Do not worry: you do not need a new garage door right away! Even in the case of a defective garage lock, you can rely on the fast and experienced services of the team from Mangjolli Locksmith Service. We will replace the defective parts and your garage lock will then work perfectly again.
  • Unlocking of cupboard doors and letterbox locks: In the field of door unlockings, we often receive requests from customers who can no longer open cupboards or letterboxes because something has become jammed or stuck. In this case, too, the mechanics and fitters of our locksmith service can help quickly, competently and without complications. We open your cupboard doors without causing any damage and are also happy to replace the defective lock with a new one.
  • Unlocking car doors: Your toddler is sitting in the car and locks the door while playing? Your electronic locking system "goes haywire" or you have accidentally locked the car key inside the car? You lost your car key while jogging in the forest? In these cases, too, we are happy to help you with a car unlocking. It does not matter whether your car is an older model with a mechanical ignition key, or the key is "keyless" with a radio remote control: we will be with you quickly in an emergency if you have problems getting into your car, wherever you have parked your car.
  • Unlocking safe doors: You have inherited a safe but cannot open it because you do not know the code? Or you can no longer open your own safe because the batteries are flat, the key is defective or there is some other mechanical or electronic problem? In these cases, too, we are on hand to help open the safe so that you can get to your valuable documents or items.


The Mangjolli locksmith team is at your disposal both for planned operations, such as the replacement of lock cylinders and locks or for burglary protection, as well as for emergencies. Get in touch with us! Our emergency locksmith service will be on site within 30 minutes to ensure that you are not left on the outside!

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