Garage unlockings

Lost garage key ? We open the garage for you

We undertake emergency unlockings

You have probably experienced something similar: you cannot find your set of keys. You have a spare key for your house and your car, but your garage key was on your lost key ring. And of all things, there is no spare key for the garage. What can you do? Without being able to open the garage, you cannot get to your car, which is doubly annoying. The only thing left to do is to call a locksmith who will open your garage again quickly and easily. Garage unlockings are typical topics of Mangjolli Locksmith Service. When it comes to the emergency unlocking of garage doors, we are at your disposal with all our craftsmanship and reliability - even around the clock in an emergency. Of course, you must provide the appropriate proof on site that the garage is your own. In addition to garage unlockings, we also take care of door unlockings, making replacement keys, replacing locks and cylinders and even entire locking systems or letterboxes unlockings.

We can promise you that we always try to open your garage locks without damage and in the quickest way possible. Unfortunately, this is not always successful, occasionally the lock is damaged during an unlocking. We at the Mangjolli Locksmith Service assure you of the integrity of our specialist company. Our fitters and precision mechanics are trained and experienced security professionals who would never deliberately damage your garage lock or destroy the door or gate lock of your garage during an operation.

We can assist you with the following garage unlockings services:

  • Unlocking garage doors with mechanical locking mechanism: Lockpicking is the term used to describe the unlocking of door locks with special tools. This procedure is necessary when there is no key left to open the garage door. This craft requires a lot of skill and must be learned patiently. It is also necessary to know the different types of locks and unlocking techniques. Lockpicking tools can be ordered from various manufacturers, but according to the law, only reputable companies are allowed to do so. This legal regulation is necessary to make targeted "emergency unlocking" possible only for security companies and locksmiths like Mangjolli Locksmith Service.
  • Unlocking garage doors and garage locks when the key is stuck: A situation you would not wish on anyone: You want to drive to work early in the morning, want to unlock the garage and the key cannot be turned forwards or backwards in the lock. It has jammed. If you try it now with increasing pressure and additional jiggling, you risk breaking your garage key. If this happens, it is best to call Mangjolli Locksmith Service - our emergency locksmith service will help you quickly and without complications.
  • Unlocking garage doors and gates with a broken key: This also happens: The key has broken off in the lock of the garage door. What can you do? Fortunately, you have a spare key in your house. All you have to do to open the door is pull the broken key out of the lock. Here, too, we support you with our fine mechanical skills and our special tools. We usually succeed in pulling the broken key bit out of the lock so that you can still use the lock afterwards. As experts from Mangjolli Locksmith Service, we make every effort to ensure that the entire mechanism remains intact when the door is opened professionally by a reputable locksmith company.