Locks and cylinders

We reliably replace your locks and cylinders

Reputable locksmith with competence and experience

Would you like to have the locks and locking cylinders in your house or flat changed? There are many different reasons for this - be it a break-up with your partner, a lost or stolen key or simply the desire for burglary protection and more security within your own residence. In all these cases, we are happy to use our expertise, professional competence, and special tools to make your home more secure and to replace locks, locking cylinders or even the entire locking system. Of course, this also applies to company buildings, offices, law firms, medical practices, and other types of commercial property.

The replacement of lock cylinders and locks in private houses or in commercially used properties are typical cases of application for Mangjolli Locksmith Service. We also regularly work in larger residential complexes when it comes to replacing complete locking systems. In addition, we take care of door unlockings, the production of spare keys, car unlockings and the emergency unlocking of safes and vaults.

Competence and reliability in the replacement of locks and cylinders

Locksmith Service Mangjolli is a specialist for various mechanical locking systems from well-known manufacturers. We not only offer you security for your property, but we also provide you with high-quality locking technology.
We work with you to design locking systems for your private and business premises - from the measurement to the finished locking plan and installation of the locking system. For existing and new locking systems, we take care of key reorders and extensions to the locking systems, as well as their maintenance on request. Reorders for locking systems in our customer profiles are made by us with the matching keys and then entered into the locking plans.

What do you have to look out for in locks and cylinders?

The inner workings of a locking cylinder have hardly changed in recent decades. The reason is quite simple: this technology has proven itself. Customers get a profile cylinder that works reliably for many years at a fair price-performance ratio. As experts, we from Mangjolli Locksmith Service have often made the experience that inexpensive locking cylinders work just as long as an expensive door lock. By the way: Profile cylinders can be made keyed alike by specialist dealers according to your wishes. This means that you can lock all doors with one key, including garage doors and letterbox locks. You can order keys and locks from our locksmiths at any time. Even inexpensive profile cylinders are now offered with increased drill-out protection. A special protective fitting with core pulls protection considerably increases the security of doors even with inexpensive locks. If you would like more information on this, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to advise you!

We support you with our services for the replacement of locks, locking cylinders and complete locking systems if…
  • .... you want to make your house or flat burglar-proof. The specialists of Mangjolli Locksmith Service will be happy to come to your home on request and, during a tour of your property, advise you where there may be a need for optimisation of doors and windows. Just ask us!
  • ...a key has been lost and you want to be sure that it does not fall into the "wrong hands" and someone gains unauthorised access. This applies to members of your own household as well as to tenants or residents of halls of residence: it is easy for a key to get lost or stolen. What can you do? In order to be absolutely certain that uninvited visitors will not be standing in your doorway someday, you should have your locks, locking cylinders and locking system replaced. In certain cases, the insurance company is even liable for the costs.
  • ...you want to be sure after a separation that the "ex" will not enter the flat again. This case is not uncommon either. We will gladly come to your home after a separation and change your locks and lock cylinders. Better safe than sorry.