Multi-point locking system

We equip your front door with a multi-point locking system

Mangjolli Locksmith Service: Protection and security for your home

Has your apartment building already been broken into? Do you feel unsafe in your home and therefore have an increased need for security? Are you afraid that your front door does not offer sufficient protection against burglars? Then a multipoint lock from Mangjolli Locksmith Service can be the solution. We install multi-point locks for you. Multipoint locks offer a higher level of security because the door can be locked at several points, similar to a safe. Multiple locking systems are also referred to as triple locking systems if there is an additional lock above and below the main lock, or as 5-fold locking systems if there are two additional locks above and below the main lock. The replacement of lock cylinders and locks in private houses and the installation of multi-point locks are typical applications for Mangjolli Locksmith Service. We also work in larger residential complexes when it comes to installing security technology or improving burglary protection. We also take care of door unlockings, making replacement keys and install security technology and burglary protection.

What are the advantages of multipoint locks?

  • A multipoint lock is a lock that supplements the normal mortise lock and therefore offers additional protection. In most cases, it runs almost the entire height of the door. In contrast to multi-point locks, a normal mortise lock only locks with its bolt at one point.
  • A multipoint lock can be retrofitted. This form of burglary protection is particularly useful for older entrance doors and ensures a high level of security.
  • Existing doors can easily be made more secure with multi-point locks or by replacing individual components on the locking side. This work should be carried out by a specialist company such as the locksmith Mangjolli. For retrofitting security measures to the front door, the following principle always applies: The installation must be carried out professionally, only then is the additional security guaranteed.

Mangjolli Locksmith Service is a specialist for mechanical locking systems from well-known manufacturers. We not only offer you security and burglary protection for your home, but we also provide you with high-quality locking technology.
We create multi-point locks for your private property after thorough consultation.

Essential elements for the burglary protection of your front door

In order for a front door to be as much of an obstacle to burglars as possible, it must contain various elements. A central role is played by the locking or lock side with mortise lock, lock cylinder, protective fitting, and the strike plate on the door frame.

  • The mortise lock is the visible door lock. When locked, the door cannot be opened via the handle. The lock is inaccessible in a recess in the door leaf.
  • The lock cylinder holds the key with which the door can be unlocked and locked again. Modern profile cylinders are standardised according to DIN 18252 "Profile cylinders for door locks" and DIN EN 1303 "Lock cylinders for locks" and divided into different attack resistance classes.
  • A further classification is provided by VdS (Vertrauen durch Sicherheit - trust through security), which provides classes A and B for mechanical locking cylinders and class C for electronic locking cylinders with mechanical systems with multipoint locking for certification.
  • A protective fitting made of solid material protects the lock and locking cylinder from access and manipulation. The strike plate is mounted on the door frame and protects the recesses for the latch and deadbolt.

Would you like to know more about security technology, burglary protection and multi-point locking? We will be happy to advise you!