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Fixed price from €55*. We will inform you about all costs that arise in connection with your door opening.
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Mangjolli Locksmith service in Munich

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Security technology and professional & reliable door opening

Mangjolli Locksmith Service is your serious and reliable partner in the Munich area when it comes to opening doors, cars, and safes. Our qualified fitters are also the right people to contact if you are interested in burglary protection. Our Munich locksmith service offers fair and competitive prices with no hidden charges. Thanks to our training and the many years of experience of our qualified fitters, we are able to offer damage-free door openings for locked house and flat doors in the Munich area - we call them emergency openings. Our locksmith service is available 24 hours a day to open doors in the Munich area if required.

Schlüsseldienst München

We are experts for doors, gates, and locks in Munich.

Mangjolli Locksmith Service is owned and run by Diar Mangjolli, a qualified precision engineering mechanic. The specialist for doors, locks and burglary protection founded his company in the Ruhr area in 2016 and has since grown very successfully with his range of services for door opening and emergency locksmith services. Today, we work for our customers in large parts of the Rhineland, in various cities in the Ruhr area and also in the greater Munich area.

We can help you in a wide range of emergency situations, for example if you have parked your car and lost your keys, or if you cannot open your car for any other reason. We can also help you open garage doors, cupboard doors, letterboxes, or safes. We are also a reliable partner when it comes to burglary protection, repairing burglary damage and security technology; we advise and install the appropriate technology. We are also at your service in the Munich area when it comes to making replacement keys and replacing locking systems.

Locksmith and security services in Munich: Our range of services

We are your qualified partner in Munich for the following problems:

  • Locked out? We provide emergency opening of doors, gates, and lock cylinders.
  • Lost or misplaced keys? We can open your car door (door opening).
  • Forgotten your combination? We offer safe door opening.
  • Broken lock or cylinder? We replace lock cylinders.
  • Burglary protection? We provide security systems for doors and windows.
  • Need a spare key? We make more copies.
  • In an emergency? We are open day and night, on weekdays and Sundays, around the clock and can be with you quickly in Munich.
Mangjolli Locksmith service in Munich: Comprehensible, attractive prices.

What you as a customer have to pay a locksmith is calculated on the basis of several factors. It makes a difference whether the door is locked or unlocked, as the locksmith will need more time to open the door. This is reflected in the cost of opening the door. To minimise damage, our Munich-based locksmiths use only the latest specialist equipment. This minimises the damage caused when the door is opened. Of course, Mangjolli's locksmiths take every care not to damage the lock or cylinder when opening the door.

As our locksmiths are independent contractors, all based in the Munich area, they also set their own rates. For an apartment or house door opening during the day, you can expect to pay from €55* plus travel costs - at night, at weekends and on public holidays, surcharges apply. 

Benefit from our expertise, reliability, years of experience and wide range of services as a locksmith and security company in Munich! Our consumer-friendly and fair prices are based on the recommendations of the metalworkers’ trade union.

Mangjolli locksmith service in Munich: What else you need to know.
The door slams shut and I do not have a key. The key is stuck inside or is in the flat. What can I do?
  • Keep calm and think for a moment: Have you perhaps left a key with a neighbour or in a hiding place? If not, give us a call. Opening locked doors is the business of our emergency locksmith service in Munich.
My car key has broken off in the lock or I have lost it. What can I do?
  • If your car is parked in the Munich area, you should give us a call. Our locksmith service will be on site quickly and will charge you a flat rate for the journey and door opening, including 15 minutes for opening the car door. If the emergency opening is not so quick and exceptionally takes longer, we charge our locksmith service according to the time taken.
How can I pay the Mangjolli locksmith service?
  • Private individuals can pay in cash, by EC card or by online bank transfer - we are also happy to issue an invoice for businesses.
If the locksmith can open my door so easily, then perhaps a burglar can too. How can I protect my home in the Munich area?
  • Mangjolli Locksmith is the right partner for you anywhere in the Munich area. We can advise you on security systems, locking systems, alarm systems and more. Contact us in Munich and arrange an appointment. We will explain how you can protect your property and install the security technology you need.
Mangjolli Locksmiths: Your Emergency Locksmiths in Munich.

The Mangjolli team of locksmiths in Munich are available for scheduled appointments - such as cylinder and lock replacement or burglary protection - as well as 24-hour emergencies. Just give us a call! Our emergency service will be at your door in Munich within 30 minutes and can carry out an emergency opening as part of our emergency locksmith service. We will not let you down!

Our locations in the Munich area:

We have offices in Munich, Dachau, Erding, Freising, Fürstenfeldbruck and Unterschleißheim.

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