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Mangjolli Locksmith Service: Security for your residence

Every two minutes there is an attempted burglary in Germany, although most of them actually remain an attempt. The most important reason for this is mechanical security devices. Such security devices and additional elements for windows and doors effectively increase the burglary protection of your own residence.
Doors and windows, for example, can no longer be simply levered open. Who does not wish for a secure home? A secure home is first and foremost about feeling good: "My home is my castle" - modern security technology can help to make your home such a secure castle. Anyone who has ever been the victim of a burglary or attempted burglary appreciates this security.

Security technology is the best burglary protection

Good mechanical security technology can prevent burglaries. A burglary in one's own residence is a great shock for most people, with lasting damage. The violation of privacy, the lost sense of security and the psychological consequences are usually more serious for those affected than the purely material damage. An investment in mechanical security technology works, it pays off: If criminals cannot get into the house after a few minutes, they will give up - modern mechanical security technology from Mangjolli Locksmith Service can therefore be the solution.

Mechanical security technology from Mangjolli protects against burglary

A solid mechanical security of the house is also recommended by experts from the police and insurance companies. Today, mechanical locking systems can easily be combined with mechatronic access control systems, where the key is also electronically checked for authorisation. Supplemented by further electronic burglary protection, locksmith customers thus receive optimum security around their property. We at Mangjolli Locksmith Service will be happy to advise you free of charge and without obligation. We offer a comprehensive portfolio of locks, cylinders, deadbolts, strike plates, chains, and multi-point locks.

Our security technology covers the following areas:


  • Keys and locking systems of all kinds

  • Key systems

  • Lock cylinders

  • Security locks

  • Safes and safe service

  • Door and window locks

  • Multi-point locks


  • Key cabinets

  • Security fittings

  • Door closers

  • Garage doors

  • Cross bar locks

  • Security grilles

  • Security doors and windows


Locking systems and key systems from Mangjolli Locksmith Service

The use of locking systems offers many advantages: In addition to the complexity of the locking systems, the control over the exact distribution of the respective keys and transponders gives you a lot of security - especially in commercially used buildings and apartment buildings.

The core business of Mangjolli Locksmith Service not only includes the emergency unlocking of front doors, garage doors, letter boxes, cabinets, and safes, but also equipping them with security technology and locking systems. In the production of locking and key systems, we are able to proceed completely individually according to the conception of our customers and also enable the immediate delivery of repeat orders.

Security technology: Locking and key systems from Mangjolli Locksmith Service

We have a wide range of different locking and key systems in our portfolio, which can be individually designed and adapted to our customers' requirements. Mangjolli Locksmith Service offers mechanical locking systems that are equipped with a patented copy protection. This prevents attempts at break-in, and manipulation are prevented.

If you would like more detailed information about our locking systems, locking cylinders, key systems, or the advantages of our security technology, please contact us by phone or online - we will be happy to advise you and customise your order!

Would you like to know more about security technology, burglary protection and multi-point locking? We will be happy to advise you!