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Wham. The door is shut. And the house key is still in the flat. Now it would be good if the neighbour or the girlfriend had a spare key. If you think about having a key made in good time, you can take a relaxed approach. It is advisable to have a spare key not only for your home, but also for your bicycle lock, garden shed, letterbox lock or garage, for example. But you do not only need a spare key in case of loss. Even when the children get older, more copies are needed. Mangjolli Locksmith Service takes over this work and makes the right key for many applications. However, there are a few things to keep in mind. Because not every key may (and can) simply be copied.

Mangjolli Locksmith Service is a reliable service provider for key cutting

Are you looking for a locksmith who can duplicate your key? At Mangjolli Locksmith Service we regularly duplicate front door and flat door keys - but also others. This includes simple standard keys such as flat keys, mailbox keys or bicycle keys, security keys for your house or for a commercial property, mechanical or electronic car keys, radio remote controls and many more. We always try to fulfil our customers' wishes! Our locksmith service has the common key blanks in stock. We are a reliable and qualified key service in large parts of the Rhineland with the cities of Düsseldorf, Ratingen, Mettmann, Neuss, Meerbusch and Krefeld, the Ruhr area with the region of Essen, Bochum, Oberhausen, and Duisburg.

Making replacement keys or unlocking doors - we can do both!

If you do not want to be faced with a locked front door at some point, it is best to stock up on a spare key in good time. Whether you pass it on within the family or leave it with the neighbours: you are on the safe side if you misplace your key and do not have to call the locksmith right away. However, even in this case, we will of course be at your side reliably and promptly if a door unlocking becomes unavoidable. Our emergency locksmith service will not leave you standing outside, we will come day and night if necessary.

But it does not have to come to that: Mangjolli Locksmith Service will copy your standard, profile cylinder or bunt bar key in no time. You will receive as many spare keys as you need in no time at all. With spare keys for your front door, garage, flat door, and letterbox, you play it safe.

We also take care of door unlockings, car unlockings and the emergency unlocking of safes and vaults as well as the replacement of locks and lock cylinders - for example, if a key has really gone missing and you have to fear that it will fall into the wrong hands.

Competence and reliability in the production of replacement keys

Flat keys, front door keys, cellar keys, mailbox keys, car keys, motorbike keys, bicycle keys, room door keys or safe keys - we offer keys for cupboards (antique and new), suitcases, roller doors or garages and much more! Feel free to contact us with confidence.

Mangjolli Locksmith Service has all common key blanks in stock, which can be duplicated promptly. We are the key service near you! Do you have a special key? We have thousands of different keys at our head office, so your key can be ordered and duplicated quickly. Simply order the key you need, and we will deliver the finished key within a short time.

And so that things do not get too boring on your key ring, we can also copy the simple keys in colour. This makes it easier to distinguish between keys and the search for a particular key is then very quick.

Attention: Have bent keys made in good time

Good keys and locks are also important for burglar resistance: if you have high-quality locks on your windows, doors and (garage) gates, you are well protected against burglars. We recommend security locks with the highest security level. We can also easily duplicate security keys with a security card. All we need is the security card.

By the way: The daily use of keys causes wear and tear. Bent keys should be repaired or made quickly so that the key does not get stuck in the lock or break off one day.