Unlocking of letterbox

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We support you with our emergency key service

Imagine the following situation: You have moved to a new house and have already received the keys for your new letterbox from your landlord - but can no longer find them in the chaos of the move. An important letter is waiting for you in the letterbox, but you simply cannot open it. What to do?
Letterbox unlockings are a case for Mangjolli Locksmith Service. We can help you in such situations quickly and without complications. Or you would like to open your letterbox and the key just breaks off in the lock? There is no such situation? It does happen! Material wear and tear happens more often than you think, and letterbox unlockings are not that rare in the everyday life of a locksmith. They are typical cases for Mangjolli Locksmith Service. Our service: We will open any door for you.

Mailbox unlockings by professionals: Non-destructive with the Mangjolli Locksmith Service

We are at your service around the clock in the emergency key service, also for letterbox unlockings, with our special tools. We are on hand with our expertise in all aspects of keys, locks, lock cylinders and doors. We are also happy to help if you need a replacement key for your letterbox or door. Maybe you want to go on holiday for a few days and leave the key with your neighbour so that she can take care of the mail in your letterbox? You can also turn to us with confidence to make replacement keys for your letterbox!

Our service for customers: We open doors for you and support you in addition to letterbox unlocking with the following services in the area of security technology and locksmith services:

  • Burglary protection: We will be happy to advise you in detail on the subject of burglary protection and draw your attention to weak points during a tour of your residence. We will be happy to fit your locks on windows and doors with modern locking cylinders and other security technology to make them burglar-proof. Take precautions and take care of your burglary protection before something happens!
  • Security technology & burglary protection: If you would like to have damaged door locks or window lock cylinders replaced after a burglary, we will be happy to help you. We will install a new lock for you for the first few days and replace it later with a high-quality burglar-proof product. Let us advise you on the topics of security technology and multi-point locks!
  • Locksmith and emergency key service for door unlocking and garage unlocking: You just want to get the mail out of the letterbox and the door of your flat falls shut? Have you lost your key while shopping? The key has broken off in the lock or got stuck? Call us, this is also a case for the Mangjolli Locksmith Service: We will be with you within 30 minutes and let you back into the house after unlocking the door.
    In most cases, we can open house and flat doors, garage door locks and even letterbox locks as part of an emergency unlocking without destroying the lock.
  • Door unlocking at your vehicle: Your car key can no longer be inserted into the ignition lock? Your electronic locking system is acting up or you have accidentally locked the car key in the vehicle? Sometimes it also happens that car keys are lost or stolen: Even then, our locksmith will be happy to help you. We can open almost any car without any problems.
  • Unlocking the door of your safe: You have inherited a safe and do not know whether it is hiding something valuable because you cannot open it? Here, too, we are on hand to support you with a safe unlocking.
  • Locksmith and emergency key service including replacement of locks, cylinders and locking systems: Have you lost a key? Your flatmate has moved out and you do not want him to enter your flat without permission? Do you need advice on burglary protection? We would be happy to help you with that too. Make an appointment!
  • Locksmith and emergency key service including provision of spare keys: Would you like to have your own flat key made for your children? We will gladly take care of the production of replacement keys, provided we have the original or a security card. We offer fast service, whether it is for front door keys, room keys, garage keys or letterbox keys.