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Key emergency call in 10 - 40 minutes on site with free travel for €0
Fixed price from €55*. We will inform you about all costs that arise in connection with your door opening.
Only after your approval do we start opening the door.


Locksmith service in Unterschleissheim

Door opening and emergency locksmith services in the Munich area.

The door is locked, it will not open by itself, and you want to avoid damage? Your car will not open because you have broken the key? The Mangjolli locksmith service in Unterschleissheim is responsible for opening flat doors, front doors, garage doors and cars. The service also offers emergency door opening and safe door opening. You should also call us if you are interested in burglary protection and alarm systems. Our locksmith service in Unterschleissheim near Munich offers fair and transparent prices with no hidden charges for fast door opening. We offer good service, are reliable and friendly and have many years of experience. Our team of locksmiths will open your doors in the Munich area quickly and without leaving any damage, and we offer an emergency service day and night. Our locksmith service is available around the clock in Unterschleissheim and can be on site within minutes if you are locked out.


Our experts for doors, locks, keys and locking cylinders as well as burglary protection in Unterschleissheim near Munich.

Our locksmiths in Unterschleissheim are originally from North Rhine-Westphalia. The owner, Diar Mangjolli, is a qualified precision engineering mechanic and an expert in doors, locks, locking cylinders, security technology and burglary protection. He founded our locksmith service in the Ruhr area in 2016. Since then, the locksmith service has grown steadily and now has its own branch in Munich, in addition to the older branches in the Rhineland and the Ruhr. From Munich we serve customers in the neighbouring towns of Erding, Freising, Dachau, Fürstenfeldbruck and Unterschleissheim.

Of course, our service is also available in emergency situations, for example if you are locked out of your home, have lost your car keys, or have broken a lock. We are also on hand to replace locks and cylinders. If you can no longer open your cupboard, garage door, front door, or letterbox, or if you have forgotten the combination to your safe, you can also call our emergency locksmith service. We also know a thing or two about burglary prevention and repairing burglary damage. Our team will inspect your home with you and can recommend innovative technology to protect against intruders - another area in which we specialise. And if you need replacement keys or want to upgrade your locking system, our locksmith service in Unterschleissheim near Munich is there for you.

Your specialist partner for locksmith services and burglary protection in Unterschleissheim near Munich

Locksmith and emergency locksmith services - we are here for you in Unterschleissheim...

  • ...when you are locked out: We carry out emergency openings, replace door locks and lock cylinders. 
  • ...if your car key is lost or breaks off in the steering wheel lock: we open cars. 
  • ... if you have forgotten the combination for your safe: Fast service to open the safe.
  • ...if the door lock is broken or worn: Emergency cylinder key service.
  • ...if you want to make your house in Unterschleissheim burglar-proof: We take care of security technology and burglary protection.
  • ...if you need a spare key: Our locksmith service makes extra keys.
  • ...when you need our help around the clock: Our emergency locksmith service is on duty 24/7, weekdays and public holidays in Unterschleissheim
Mangjolli Locksmith in Unterschleissheim: Excellent value for money - Don't worry about being ripped off!

How much does it cost to hire a locksmith? That depends on whether the door has just been locked or whether it was already locked. In the latter case, the effort required to open the door is greater and the cost is correspondingly higher. Our locksmith service always ensures that the damage caused by opening the door is kept to a minimum. Our engineers use precision mechanical tools to open the door. Damage to the door, cylinder and lock is rare. 

Our team in Munich is made up of independent contractors. They come from the surrounding area, are quickly on site and have short travel distances. To open a door in Unterschleissheim during the day, you can expect to pay around €55* plus travel expenses - at night, on weekends and public holidays, surcharges apply. 

Are you locked out and need your door opened? We are a reputable company based in the Munich area with a wealth of experience in security technology and door opening. Our prices are completely transparent and based on the recommendations of the Metalworkers' Union.

We answer your questions about the Mangjolli Locksmith service in Unterschleissheim.
The door is locked, I am standing outside and the key is inside. What happens now?
  • If you have not left a key with a friend or neighbour and cannot get into the house this way, please call us. We will come quickly, open the door and let you back in.
You have lost your car keys in the woods on a walk and cannot get into the car. What are the options?
  • If your car is parked in Unterschleissheim, call our locksmith service immediately. We will set off immediately and open your car door - it is very quick. We charge a flat rate for travelling and the opening.
Do I always have to pay the locksmith in cash?
  • No. As a private client, you can also pay by EC card or online bank transfer; we send businesses an invoice.
You are afraid of burglars and no longer feel safe in your own four walls because a lot happens in Unterschleissheim. That is why you want your house and property to be thoroughly checked. Here, Mangjolli Locksmith service is your best partner.
  • Burglary protection, locking systems, alarm systems and security systems are our specialities. Our locksmith service will discuss the possible security system with you during a tour, we will explain the use of mechanical locks, locking systems and alarm systems. Call our locksmith service and make an appointment at your home in Unterschleissheim today. We will explain how you can make your home more secure and install the technology.
Mangjolli Locksmith: Emergency locksmith service around the clock in Unterschleissheim near Munich

At Mangjolli Locksmiths in Munich, we are just as much in demand for the replacement of lock cylinders or burglary protection as we are for emergencies when you have locked yourself out or the safe can no longer be opened. Do you need an emergency locksmith? Then call Mangjolli Locksmiths! Our locksmith service will be on site in Unterschleissheim within minutes to unlock your house, flat, safe, car, garage, cupboard, and letterbox. Fast help with our locksmith service.

Our locations near Unterschleissheim:

In addition to Unterschleissheim, we also have locksmiths in Munich, Dachau, Erding, Freising and Fürstenfeldbruck.