Vault unlockings

Our safe emergency service helps you: We open your safe

We are specialised in safe and vault unlockings

When it comes to door unlockings and car unlockings, nobody can fool Mangjolli Locksmith Service. We are also happy to use our expertise and our special tools to open safes and vaults for you. There are three different types of locks for safes and vaults: double-bit lock, mechanical combination lock and electronic lock.

If you have lost your key or forgotten your combination, our specialists will make sure that you can still access your important valuables or documents quickly. Unlocking safes in private homes or at companies are frequent cases of operation for Mangjolli Locksmith Service.
By the way: The prerequisite for our intervention is, of course, always a clear determination of the ownership of the safe and its contents. We also take care of emergency locksmith service, the production of replacement keys, the replacement of locks, cylinders and entire locking systems or burglary protection.

Craftsmanship in the emergency unlocking of vaults and safes

We are specialised in vault and safe unlocking of all security levels. To open a safe professionally, you not only need experience and specialist knowledge of the construction and structural features of the commercially available models, but also the appropriate precision mechanical tools. In addition to all the necessary special tools, we have comprehensive expertise that guarantees you as the owner the safety of the safe's contents when unlocking the safe. Especially in the case of important and valuable contents, it is important to have the safe unlocking carried out by a competent, experienced professional. Our service technicians can help with most makes of vaults.

We support you in unlocking safes or vaults of different makes

There are always situations in which the emergency unlocking of a safe or vault is necessary. Be it that a safe or vault can no longer be opened properly or not at all after a break-in attempt, or that the batteries are empty and cannot be accessed from the outside. As with the loss of the front door key, the loss of the combination, password or safe key can become a problem. Even after the loss of a relative, it is not uncommon for the bereaved to be faced with a vault whose existence may not even have been known before. Such and similar situations occur not only in the private sphere, but also in companies - here too we are happy to help.

For such emergency unlockings, Mangjolli Locksmith Service is the right contact for you and opens every safe and vault for you. Our aim is always to open safes with a minimum of damage. Thanks to our special expertise, we know how to open your safe professionally on site. Our sound training in precision mechanics, our many years of experience in door unlockings and our specialist knowledge of lock types, locking systems, locking cylinders, security levels and keys show time and again that the use of various special tools is important for a successful unlocking.

Safe unlocking - reliable, professional, and competent
  • Have you lost your safe keys, forgotten your combination or does your safe simply not want to open? Regardless of whether it is a mechanical or electronic lock, we will open your safe, vault, safe for money or weapons professionally and in most cases without any damage. We open safes for private use and for commercial and company use.
  • If your key for the safe or vault has been lost or your code has been forgotten, our specialists will make sure that you can still access your valuables and important documents. The experts from Mangjolli Locksmith Service are also there to help you with any technical problems you may have with your safe or vault.
  • Have you been burglarised and your safe is now unusable? We repair the locking mechanism of your safe after a break-in attempt. If necessary, we will also replace the damaged lock. The brand of your safe or vault does not matter.