Vehicle unlockings

Car key gone? We unlock the car door for you!

In an emergency, we can be at your vehicle at short notice

Surely you have experienced something similar: after a walk in the woods, you cannot find your car key and you are standing in a lonely car park and cannot get into your vehicle. Or after shopping, you have accidentally locked the car key in the boot with the shopping bags. Now good advice is expensive - especially if there is no one around who can quickly bring the spare key.
Car unlockings are typical cases for Mangjolli Locksmith Service. We are at your disposal with our technical competence and reliability for the emergency unlocking of car doors, even around the clock if necessary. By the way: You will of course have to provide the appropriate proof on site that the vehicle is your own. We also open doors, make replacement keys, replace locks and cylinders, even entire locking systems or open safes.

Especially important: We always try to open your car doors without damage and in the quickest and cheapest way. This is not always successful, occasionally we also have to open the door through a window. We at Mangjolli Locksmith Service assure you that we are a reputable professional company. Our fitters and precision mechanics are trained and experienced security professionals who would never wilfully damage your car door or destroy the door or ignition lock during an operation.

We support you with the following car door unlocking services:

  • Unlocking car doors with mechanical locking mechanism: Lockpicking is the term used to describe unlocking door locks with special tools. This craft requires a lot of skill and must be learned with patience. It is also necessary to know the different types of locks and unlocking techniques. Lockpicking tools can be ordered from various manufacturers, according to the law, only by reputable companies. This regulation is particularly important to make targeted "emergency unlocking" only possible for security companies and locksmiths like Mangjolli Locksmith Service. Car doors can also be opened without damage using the tennis ball method, with an air cushion or wedge.
  • Unlocking car doors with keyless mechanism: This also happens: The key that normally unlocks the car by radio simply no longer works. Or it has been lost. What to do? We as experts from Mangjolli Locksmith Service emphasise that with professional door unlocking by a reputable locksmith company, the entire mechanism remains intact.
  • Broken key in the ignition lock or in the car door: It is extremely annoying: You want to get into your car after a hard day's work and drive home. But you do not get that far because your key is stuck, and you cannot get into the car - or the key is stuck in the ignition lock. If you try now with increasing pressure and additional jiggling, you risk breaking your key. If this happens, call Mangjolli Locksmith Service - Our emergency locksmith service will help you quickly and easily.
  • Defective ignition lock: As soon as you notice that your key is stuck in the lock, the first thing to do is to stay calm. Inconsiderate or hasty attempts to open the ignition lock on your own often end in a broken key. A jammed key is an annoying problem, but it need not be a cause for concern if it occurs for the first time. We will be happy to help you in this predicament with our emergency key service and make sure that you can drive again.